Videos of the Kalalau Trail

Franci Hehle

Years ago it wasn’t easy to find reliable information, let alone photos and/or videos about Kalalau online.  That’s the main reason that I started this site back in 2002.  I wanted it to be easier to find trail information for others than it was for me.  Now days, with modern technology, it seems there’s a never ending supply of new photos and videos popping up.

Here’s a recent favorite video of the Kalalau Trail and other locations around Kauai made by Franci Hehle earlier this month.  Very impressive visuals.

Thanks Franci for sharing your video talents with us!


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  1. Very nice Mark it was a real viewing experience for someone who has never been to Hawaii. thanks for sharing , you know how much of a nature nut I am . your brother the “THE SQUAREL “.

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