Places to stay on Kauai

Before or after you hit the trail, you may want to stay the night somewhere else on Kauai.  No matter what your budget, there are many great places to stay.


There are many hotels on the island, from luxury resorts to convenient comfortable hotels.  Click here to find a hotel on Kauai.

Hotels are usually well kept, and can include a host of amenities such as:  Internet service, shuttle service, pools/spas, restaurants, room service, cable tv, gyms, business offices, “I forgot” items, turn down service, concierge, entertainment.


Vacation Home Rentals are a great option if you want to escape from the busy tourist areas.  There are many options so choose from.

Vacation Homes usually have more floor space which allows more room for guests or entertaining of visitors.  Vacation Homes are usually more private than other choices.


If you are on a tight budget or just love the outdoors, camping is a great option.  There are many campgrounds on the island of Kauai.  Click here for a list of campgrounds.

If you are coming to Kauai to hike the trail and need to stay on the island before or after the trail, but don’t want to break the bank, camping could be your best option.

Looking for a Hostel?

•  Kauai International House: 4532 Lehua Street, Kauai (Kapaa) +1 (808) 823-6142

•  Kauai Beach House: 4-1552 Kuhio Highway, Kauai +1 (808) 822-3424

•  Camp Sloggett-YMCA: Kokee State Park, Kaui West Side +1 (808) 245-5959

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