Kalalau Trip Report- June 2019


In the past I’ve hiked with way too much in my backpack. I chose to go light weight this trip. A small fleece sleeping bag and camp pillow. Water (with purifier), food, cameras with charger, hiking poles, headlamp, small first aid kit, bug spray, & sunscreen. You’ll regret it if you take things that you don’t need.

Ultimately the trail is as beautiful as always. I had a great trip and met lots of great people along the way. I always love talking to people on the trial: people from all over the world who come to visit this wonderful place.

Additional Photos:

After the hike I took additional photos of the area from a boat and helicopter. I still have a lot of photos to go through so more photos will probably land on this page as I sort through them all.

Interesting combination of photographs I took from the boat.
Not very realistic but fun to look at.

Kalalau Trail Logs

If you have a taken a recent trip on the Kalalau Trail and have stories and/or photos to share, contact us and we can post them. Logs help others to plan their trips.

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  1. Great commentary and description of the hazards before and after starting out. It will be nice to see fewer hikers in Koke’e State Park now that Kalalau is open. The Napali coast is not to be missed if you visit our beautiful island.

  2. Great trip report. How was the valley? Is the waterfall at the end of the beach still there?

    Cheers, Mark

  3. Thanks so much for the wonderful post. Just wondering if we plan on spending a night inside the park do we need two entry passes (as the pass/ticket I purchased notes only for sunrise to sunset on a given day.

    1. In order to spend the night, you’ll need a camping permit. That is different from the reservations you have. Only 60 people a night are given camping permits vs. 900 visitors per day.

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