How do I get to the Kalalau Trail?

First of all, the park is limited to 900 visitors per day. If you want to visit, you’ll have to plan ahead. If you wait until the day you want to visit, you will not be able to. You MUST plan ahead. Here’s a summary of how you can get to the trail.

Shuttle (Recommended): The shuttle will pick you up at Waipa Park and Ride. The price is round-trip and includes your Hā’ena State Park reservation fee.

  • $35 – 16+
  • $25 – Ages 4-15
  • Kids 3 and under can ride free on a lap.

For more information or to make reservations click here.

Park at Hā’ena State Park -$10 per timeslot plus $5 entry/person: Limited parking vouchers are available.  There are only 100 parking stalls.  30 of the stalls are reserved for locals, leaving only 70 stalls available for visitors.  Parking Reservations can be made for the following times:

  • Morning (6:30am-12:30pm)
  • Afternoon (12:30pm-5:30pm)
  • Sunset (4:30pm-sunset)

If you’d like to stay all day, you’ll have to get all 3 reservations.

You can reserve a parking voucher at: 

Entry only reservations $5: If you don’t need parking or shuttle accommodations, you can be dropped off at Hā’ena State Park with an entry voucher.  Get one for $5 at:  (Note: If it won’t let you select a voucher for the day and time specified, they are sold out for that time.  Choose another date or time.) There is no cell service at the park so you’ll need to pre-arrange a pick-up for your return trip. To prearrange a pickup or drop-off, contact Kevin – Call or text at (973) 769-8854.

Note: Locals are not required to pay the visitor reservation fee. 30 parking spots are reserved for locals on a first come-first served basis.

Kalalau Trail overnight permit holders: Limited overnight parking is available for campers with overnight permits for Napali Coast State Wilderness Park. Camping permits must be acquired from State Parks prior to purchasing overnight parking. These spots are available for purchase in advance and users will be charged for the number of days your vehicle occupies the lot (e.g. a one night stay will require paying for 2 days, a 4 night stay will require paying for 5 days, etc.) Visit to reserve a parking spot.

Additional overnight parking options include limited overnight parking at Aliʻi Kai Resort in Princeville. Call (808) 826-9988 for details and reservations. Finding legal overnight parking anywhere else on the North Shore is a problem. If you are staying at a hotel the night before you hike, I’d suggest arranging something with your hotel if they allow it. Or, ditch the rental car and taxi/uber/bus into the trail head.

Hā’ena State Park parking lot

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    1. Taxi, Rideshare service, prearranged ride… There are several methods. If you are staying in Princeville, ask the place you are staying, they may offer the service or know the best way.

      1. Bonjour,
        Je me questionne sur la logistique. Nous arriverons à Kauai le 16 juillet vers 21h. La priorité sera de s’installer pour la première nuit. Notre but étant de s’engager à faire Kalalau Trail sur 3 jours, 4 nuits.
        Que suggérez-vous comme planning? La location de voiture est aussi à envisager.
        Merci de votre aide!

        1. Start hiking early. If you are strong and experienced hikers you could hike all the way to Kalalau in one day. If you are not, or you don’t get an early start, you can hike half-way the first day and finish the 2nd day. If you rent a car, you’ll need a place to park it overnight. You must reserve those spots ahead of time. If you don’t get one of the few parks, you’ll have to find another way to get to the trail head.

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