10 Places that make Crawler’s Ledge look simple


The Redwoods
The Redwoods

Crawler’s Ledge is one of the most feared parts of the Kalalau Trail.  I imagine it has kept many would-be hikers away over the years.  I have a slight fear of heights myself but honestly have never found Crawler’s Ledge hard to cross.  I think the reasons that it isn’t hard to cross are:

  • The skinniest part is a very short distance.  If I had to hike a couple hundred yards along a super skinny trail it might scare me a little more.
  • The ground is very stable.  For the most part, you are stepping on rock.

For those of you who are still worried about attempting mile 7 of the Kalalau Trail, I’ve collected some images from around the world that will help to demonstrate that Crawler’s Ledge isn’t the scariest place in the world.  Click below for the first location:

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